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Solar PV Systems

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What makes us different?

There are thousands of solar products and solar companies.  At Kettle Solar, we do the shopping and negotiating for our clients to meet their budget.  Every customer has a different need, but all desire a PV system that meets their production requirements, esthetic concerns, and that meet their budget.  We have a menu of options and services from the everyday client looking for a turnkey system to contractors that just need materials, engineering, and our consultation.


Solar Products

Tier 1 Products at extremely competitive pricing to you. We can include permit ready plans and interconnection.

Tier 1 Products at extremely competitive pricing to you. We can include permit ready plans and interconnection.

Kettle Solar has a variety of suppliers from Solar Panels to Micro-Inverters to Racking.  We cater our packages based on our client's specific needs and budget.  Based on your electric consumption we determine the specific sizing to off-set all or the upper tiers of your utility bill. There are so many Solar products on the market.  Kettle Solar has mastered and evaluated the products available to provide only the best performing equipment for our clientele.   

Our Product Line 

Our Services

The first step is to closely analyze the energy consumption and rate structure charged by your utility.  Every bill varies, especially for our commercial and agricultural customers.  Working closely with you, Kettle Solar will offer you many options of how to attack your usage via solar production. There are other considerations to take into account such as; available space, orientation of the roof/land, and present or future potential shading.

Our Services


We provide a total service of engineering, interconnection, to installation (if needed). PSB competes with anyone on pricing and surpases anyone on our service packages.

At Kettle Solar we provide a unique set of services so you don't have to.  Beyond evaluating your solar needs we have your system engineered by the best solar engineering firm in the state, Monterey Energy Group. Once the permit ready plans are finished we submit them to the county, prepare and complete the tedious interconnection process, and professionally install your system with a state of the art monitoring system.

System Installations